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Dreaming of Paris

Last night was what we have coined a “Friday party”.  Friday parties happen every other week.  My mom comes after work and picks up my three youngest children and keeps them overnight.  Then on Saturday they take off and do something fun, like Chuck E Cheese, bowling, play lands, everything the seven and under crowd loves!  Lately, our older three kids have been very busy with theater practice. So, last night we were completely alone!  As if that wasn’t strange enough, we found ourselves alone again this morning!  It’s so nice to get a break every now and then.

Recently, we watched the superb movie “Monument Men”. I think this is what triggered my recent longings for Paris.  Without children under foot, I occupied my morning with dreams of Paris. I spent the early morning revisiting this book:


After that I was thoroughly inspired, so I pulled out my favorite cookbook:


I made a new recipe, Piperade, and enjoyed every minute of it. I told my husband we were practicing for when our nest is empty. Cooking for two instead of eight, enjoying our coffee with quiet conversation, it was all very odd, but wonderful!

It’s no secret that I love Paris.  I came across this article today, there is a lot of truth in it!  I, too, have found Paris to be very healing.  Not healing from ending relationships (I’ve only been to Paris with my husband) but healing from the myriad of troubles we are faced with in life. It offers a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a completely different style of living.  I’ve been meaning to write post on our trips to Paris, but for now here is a wonderful article about another person’s love of Paris!