Dreaming of Paris

Last night was what we have coined a “Friday party”.  Friday parties happen every other week.  My mom comes after work and picks up my three youngest children and keeps them overnight.  Then on Saturday they take off and do something fun, like Chuck E Cheese, bowling, play lands, everything the seven and under crowd loves!  Lately, our older three kids have been very busy with theater practice. So, last night we were completely alone!  As if that wasn’t strange enough, we found ourselves alone again this morning!  It’s so nice to get a break every now and then.

Recently, we watched the superb movie “Monument Men”. I think this is what triggered my recent longings for Paris.  Without children under foot, I occupied my morning with dreams of Paris. I spent the early morning revisiting this book:


After that I was thoroughly inspired, so I pulled out my favorite cookbook:


I made a new recipe, Piperade, and enjoyed every minute of it. I told my husband we were practicing for when our nest is empty. Cooking for two instead of eight, enjoying our coffee with quiet conversation, it was all very odd, but wonderful!

It’s no secret that I love Paris.  I came across this article today, there is a lot of truth in it!  I, too, have found Paris to be very healing.  Not healing from ending relationships (I’ve only been to Paris with my husband) but healing from the myriad of troubles we are faced with in life. It offers a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a completely different style of living.  I’ve been meaning to write post on our trips to Paris, but for now here is a wonderful article about another person’s love of Paris!



Toilet flushing is overrated


So, we live on acreage. It’s wonderful to have space to spread out and neighbors that are not in sight. It’s our own little place of solitude. There are some downsides to living in the country, though. Today, the hot topic is our septic system. A septic system is an often used but forgotten about necessity of our life. Being proactive we had ours pumped out two years ago. They told us we should do it every three years due to the size of our family. Well, today the alarm that tells us the tank is full, went off! Unfortunately, the company that empties our septic tank said they can’t do it when temperatures are below freezing, and today it’s 11 degrees!! Therefore, our house is currently on a self imposed water shutdown! That means no toilet flushing, showers, dishwashers, or washing machines. But, on a positive note, we’ve all been relieved of doing dishes and laundry for the time being! I’m so thankful for my husband who is a get it done kind of guy! He is outside working trying to fix our problem! I’m hoping it’s something simple that can be remedied quickly!!

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.

William Shakespeare

Am I Crazy?

Some people think I’m crazy. I see it in their questioning glances. I hear it in their “just to be polite” comments. Why else would I make the choices I make? Getting married young (before finishing college), having children young, having more children, choosing to stay home with my babies, homeschooling, homeschooling through high school, traveling in an RV for months at a time with six children and a 90 lb. dog, the list could go on and on! I get it, my choices are different. But, different is so wonderful!!!

Knowing that we are packing up and heading out in our RV in the very near future is so exciting to me! We don’t know exactly where we are going, and that in itself is exhilarating. The freedom to be. Freedom from schedules, freedom from commitments, freedom from the predisposed ideas of what we should be doing; pure freedom!

Sure, life in 350 square feet with 8 bodies and a big puppy can be crazy. But, it’s our crazy, and we all love it! Being able to show my children that life is different than what they see in our community is priceless. People dress different, act different, talk different, live different, and being different is awesome. What a difficult life we make for ourselves when we are constantly trying to be like someone else. I want my children to truly know who they are. I want my children to accept their differences, embrace their own craziness, and to have peace in being the individuals God made them to be.

If being crazy is living my life the way I want and not the way society says I should, then yes, I guess I am crazy! Have you embraced your craziness lately?


We love Hawaii and have been many times.  The first time we went as a family our oldest child was about 7 months old.  Now we have been countless number of times and all of our children have enjoyed the sandy beaches of Hawaii.

In 2008 we went to the Big Island for the first time.  We stayed at Paniolo Greens in Waikola, HI.  This was a perfect place for our growing family.  It was a three bedroom condo with a pool and playground on site.  We needed a car to get around the island but it was well worth it.  The Big Island was very low-key compared to Oahu.  We went to the beach everyday and had it to ourselves on more than one occasion.

Looking back at these pictures, I cant believe how much our children have grown!  I’m so glad we have made the effort to get out and explore with them! Such wonderful memories!

#2 and #3 in Hawaii 2008

#2 and #3 in Hawaii 2008

Grandma Maria in Hawaii 2008

Grandma Maria in Hawaii 2008

#1 and #4 in Hawaii 2008

#1 and #4 in Hawaii 2008

Dad and Mom Hawaii 2008.  I was pregnant with #5 and feeling a little sickly!

Dad and Mom Hawaii 2008. I was pregnant with #5 and feeling a little sickly!